[Uml-devel] [Bug 75789] Deleting an attribute of class causes a crash

Jeff Woods jeff.woods at choicepointprg.net
Thu Mar 11 09:58:06 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From jeff.woods choicepointprg net  2004-03-11 16:01 -------
I have also seen this bug, though slightly different than was described above.

Once a class has been created, right clicking on either an attribute or a method in the tree view to the left (the UML diagrams window) and selecting delete will cause a crash (segmentation violation).

Steps to reproduce (works every time with 1.2):

1.  Start umbrello
2.  Select "Code->New Class Wizard"
3.  Press "Next" on New Class dialog, this opens Class Attributes dialog.
4.  Press "New Attribute" on Class Attributes dialog, then "OK" on Attribute Properties dialog
5.  Press Next on Class Attributes dialog., this opens Class Operations dialog
6.  Press "New Operation" on Class Operations dialog, then "OK" on Operation properties dialog.
7.  Press "Finish" on Class Operations dialog.

At this point, there is a new class in the "UML diagrams" docked window with a single attribute named "new_attribute" and a single operation named "new operation".

8.  Right click on either "new_attribute" or "new_operation" in the tree view (in the UML diagrams window) and select "Delete".

This results in a crash every time.

KDE-3.2, built from sources
RedHat 8.0, with all current patches (including Fedora Legacy)
Intel CPU

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