[Uml-devel] "new" omf

Andrew Sutton asutton at cs.kent.edu
Mon Mar 8 13:30:02 UTC 2004

hi all,

just letting you know. there's a new version of the omf floating around on my 
web page:


new in this revision... well mostly nothing. a couple of bug fixes. the 
biggest new addition is a small set of python bindings for the library. it's 
nice to compress a 1000 class library to 8 objects or so. i don't know of any 
other tools that let you script interactions with a uml model. besides, 
python is a much prettier language than ocl anyway.

if you want to download and install this, you'll need a new version of the 
boost library (http://www.boost.org). i think 1.3.1 works. oh... you'll 
probably need python 2.3 too.

oh... not having to compile test cases is showing up some bugs (like crashing 
on deleting models). so this library is pretty far from picture perfect. but 
hey! it's about complete.

thoughts? comments? patches (please, please, please :)?

andrew sutton
asutton at cs.kent.edu

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