[Uml-devel] [Bug 83817] Crash in umbrello when creating new doc with existing doc modified

Anthony Parent tonyp at pegasusda.com
Wed Jun 23 07:34:02 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From tonyp pegasusda com  2004-06-23 16:33 -------
Sebastian Stein wrote:

>Anthony Parent <tonyp pegasusda com> [040623 08:28]:
>>I am using the CVS head as of 06/22/04
>>I opened an older XMI file that was created with a CVS head from 06/15/04.
>>Looked at a one diagram clicked on the "New" button in the toolbar
>>Umbrello told me the existing document was changed, and asked me if I
>>wanted to save it I clicked the "No" button CRASH!
>I was not able to recreate the problem. Could you please provide a XMI file
>which makes Umbrello crash?
I can't seem to reproduce the issue either. I think it had something to 
do with a corrupt file that umbrello was loading at startup. (As the 
last file I was working on when I quit umbrello the last time.) 
Unfortunately umbrello has corrupted that file further and nuked all 
content. (it is now 0 bytes.) So whatever was causing the problem is 
lost at this point. This issue of nuking the contents of an XMI file has 
been reported before. I would suggest making a backup copy prior to 
writing a file. (And make the auto save function save to some other 
file! eg. emacs uses #<filename> as an auto save file.)

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