[Uml-devel] Can't see text in the boxes anymore

Sebastian Stein seb_stein at gmx.de
Thu Jun 17 01:17:03 UTC 2004

Oliver Kellogg <Oliver.Kellogg at t-online.de> [040616 23:52]:
> Hm, strange. I thought it likely that my FloatingText change be the
> culprit, but I cannot reproduce this.
> I have not yet updated my CVS copy for the SVG patch from Achim.
> Then again, looking at that patch it's not obvious to me how it could
> be at fault.

I'm not sure what caused this problem. It might have been the SVG patch, but
I also upgraded my system to KDE 3.2.3. After deleting the umbrellorc file
in my homedir, I can see the text again ;-)

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