[Uml-devel] First try of patch for SVG export

Achim Spangler Achim.Spangler at mnet-online.de
Wed Jun 16 00:25:03 UTC 2004

Hi Jonathan,
> Works well with KSVG, I've committed the patch, great stuff.
Nice - that you can confirm, that the SVG is correct.
My Mandrake 10.0 with updated KDE 3.2.2 has a broken svgdisplay which gets a 
libstdc++.so.6 based error.
--> Mandrake seems to be unable to manage the dependencies correct
     ( I installed everything with their package management tool )
So Mandrake is not better than SuSE.

Hope that my planned switch to Knoppix/Debian does satisfy me more.

> How do you fancy a CVS account Achim?
Oliver suggested that already.
Basically I would say yes, as I'm quite familiar with Linux and software 
engineering ( it's my job ... - so I should be good at it ).
But as long as you or Oliver can review my patches that quick, I would like to 
use this verifying step also in future.

Maybe we can go this way:
+ you give my CVS access on umbrello
+ I will do my best to only commit changes that are really small,
    and don't break umbrello with my quite big real world project


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