[Uml-devel] FloatingText cleanup

Oliver Kellogg Oliver.Kellogg at t-online.de
Tue Jun 15 09:00:06 UTC 2004


For my last planned heavyweight change before 1.3, I am about to
commit a cleanup of the FloatingText class.

The cleanup consists of removing the direct usage of MessageWidget
and AssociationWidget. Instead, a new base class for those classes
is introduced: LinkWidget. FloatingText only uses that class.
As a first step, I have maintained the current semantics and control
flow of FloatingText as much as possible. This means that I have
mapped the requirements of  FloatingText to the new LinkWidget
class in a fairly dumb manner (probably also transferring the existing
bugs...) The next step must certainly follow, namely cleaning up or
repairing those semantics. At least we now have the lever to do so.

The inheritance graph is not good yet. It looks like this:

   ^                  ^
   |                  |
UMLWidget   AssociationWidget
MessageWidget, FloatingText, and all the others

For those interested in the details, I am appending the notes from
my research on the requirements imposed by FloatingText.
Comments welcome.

-- Oliver

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