[Uml-devel] First try of patch for SVG export

Achim Spangler Achim.Spangler at mnet-online.de
Tue Jun 15 01:13:01 UTC 2004

as I told some time before, I implemented with some few lines the SVG export 
based on the Qt class QPicture.

I'm not shure how to qualify the resulting SVG file.

Gimp2 displays the diagram _not_ correct, as the labels are shifted some 
distance right from the center of the corresponding element.

Additionally, Gimp2 was not able to load a quite big diagram.
But I'm not shure if Gimp2 SVG import is dirty, or if QPicture exports SVG 
with some deviation from standard, or if the code has to use some additional 
settings, to create "correct" SVG.

All I can say, is that umbrello creates a diagram file without crash, and that 
the resulting file looks like a fine SVG file ( seem to have valid SVG-XML 
structure ).

So please test, and decide on enhancement and integration.

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