[Uml-devel] Thoughts on Umbrello 1.3

Andrew Sutton asutton at cs.kent.edu
Tue Jan 20 09:55:07 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 20 January 2004 12:41 pm, Harald Wallus wrote:
> Dear Andrew,
> MDA (model driven architecture) has one more fact:
> I can use in my uml model a complex structure.
> E.g. I call an object stereotype <<entity>>, and my mda-modeller will 
> create a full structure to save this object into db.
> The same idea is, what in java is a bean for. A bean is complete and can 
> run on its own.
> With get/set-methods it is possible to do modify that bean. Events 
> allows, that this bean write into db or read from it,
> or calls other part of application.
> The wish of mda is, to start from a graphical workflow, which is 
> realized into uml, from which is create  guis and db-Interfaces.
> Programmer have then only to do some special work ( to program what is 
> brutto of something and so on, but this can be include into  a 
> stereotype to).
> That is what enterprise java beans is designed for.

right. but that's still a model transformation and the serialization to the db 
is a facet of implementation rather than specification. there is no specific 
binding from uml to a relational, object-relational or object-oriented 

but, it does make for some interesting ideas.

andrew sutton
asutton at cs.kent.edu

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