[Uml-devel] Thoughts on Umbrello 1.3

Sebastian Stein seb_stein at gmx.de
Tue Jan 20 00:05:01 UTC 2004

Jonathan Riddell <jr at jriddell.org> [040120 08:46]:
> Onto Umbrello 1.3.  Bartko pointed out the choices to me:
> a) improvement of Umbrello 1.2
> b) rewrite of Umbrello 1.2
> c) merge with Umbrello2
> d) something else?
> I strongly suggest the first choice.  Umbrello 1.2 is good and
> maintainable so we should maintain it and improve it.  There's plenty
> to be improved and added.

I will try in the future to stick to option c), because I believe it is the
best way to do. Nevertheless, I will try to add some more things to 1.2.

> Finally if anyone feels they would do a better job than me with the
> title of project admin do say so.  I've not been the most active
> developer in the last few months (having left university) but I do
> make an effort to ensure beastie reporters are thanked, all e-mail is
> replied to and the website is up to date.  Others do that as well
> though so maybe I should drop the title.

If you still have enough time and like to do the job as well, please go on!

Umbrello UML Modeller
Description     : UML diagram drawing tool for KDE with code generation
Homepage        : http://www.umbrello.org/
Bug Reports     : http://bugs.kde.org/
CVS             : kdesdk/umbrello on cvs.kde.org:/home/kde

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