[Uml-devel] Thoughts on Umbrello 1.3

BARTKO, Zoltan bartko.zoltan at pobox.sk
Mon Jan 19 22:58:05 UTC 2004

Dear fellows,

I would like to suggest a few things to say about all this:

1. I have about 3-4k lines of code of a "project design document generator"
for Umbrello (alias SoDA for Umbrello) into OpenOffice.org writer format
(KWord should use this in future too). Needs polishing and merging with the
current codebase and then it is going to be your choice whether to include
it or not.

2. I was a newbie to KDE, Qt and Umbrello development when I started work on
the above mentionned thing. What I liked in Qt was the documentation, but I
had a hard time with Umbrello - even though doxygen generated the project
docs, it was no simple thing for me to get accustomed to the internals of
Umbrello. So I really think this should definitely improve. If nobody is
willing to do it, I will do it, but that is going to be real slow - I have
to get prepared for my final exams at school and work on my final year

3. Another thing to discuss is why do certain diagrams use only UMLWidgets
and why do others incorporate UMLObjects too. Quite confusing without the
ability of mindreading combined with average intelligence (referring to

4. When Umbrello2 was announced, a few times I heard something about
enabling Umbrello2 to use a database => enabling multiple users working on
the same project. Now that sounds very interesting to me (I tend to have a
liking in databases, especially PostgreSQL, because I can write so nice
stored procedures in it and have very thin clients) so I think I would sit
on that and do it. Not earlier than mid February, though.

5. If understand it well, umbrello is going to adopt and/or adapt the parser
of KDevelop to allow more languages on the input side, right?

6. ArgoUML has something they call "cognitive support" or something similar.
I think this a noble name for "error checking/validation" like "there is no
contructor in this class" and other goodies. I think it were nice to have
this feature with Umbrello, too.

7. Is there anyone out there thinking of the automatic generation of
collaboration diagrams from sequence diagrams (don't tell me automatic
layout is a problem. In the worst case you use  the layout creating
mechanism in front of the computer)

8. Brainstorming goes on: a KPart for Konqueror to view the contents of an
.xmi file (but then this makes no great sense)

That's all for today. Brainstorming goes on.

Could anyone have a look at objects in Deployment Diagrams? I can't use any
association with them...

Have a nice day (again some snow combined with rain falling over here)



PS: I am an native Hungarian born/living in Slovakia. Hungarians have a
(seen from the outside world) stupid habit of having their names in the
following order: surname + given name. That applies for me too , since this
gives me better ordering in databases (where surnames go first)

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