[Uml-devel] open modeling framework

Andrew Sutton asutton at cs.kent.edu
Wed Jan 14 17:45:03 UTC 2004


i thought i'd send this to both the umbrello list and the kdevelop list since 
it might provide a good framework for reverse/roundtrip engineering.

i'm releasing the open modeling framework (omf). the omf is a C++, Qt-based 
implementation of the OMG's standards for the unified modeling language 
(UML), the meta-object facility (MOF) and eXtensible model interchange (XMI). 
in short, i sat down and wrote code that implements all the data in the MOF, 
UML and how to read and write it using XMI. no graphics. just data.

i've also written a little kde application (kmodelview) that will take an XMI 
file (like the ones included in the omf and anything generated by the omf's 
XMI writer) and displays it for you. i have screenshots on my web site.

you might find yourself wondering what does that have to do with kdevelop? or 
what does this have to do with umbrello? simple: it's the data model for 
everything uml. it basically takes all the mystery away from having to write 
any specialized code to make the two talk to eachother (roundtrip/reverse 
engineering)... etc. in fact, once i get some bugs worked out, i might start 
writing a plugin for kdevelop that creates uml objects based on the 
persistent class store.

this might be all well and good for kdevelop, but it's not so great for 
umbrello. the omf sort of supercedes their internal data model and migrating 
the data model probably won't be so easy.

so... here's the web page:


if anybody is interested, feel free to download and build. there are some 
examples for the tutorial guide that i'm working on and kmodelview is a great 
example too. feedback appreciated.

andrew sutton
asutton at cs.kent.edu

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