[Uml-devel] Big memory leak during XMI load in current CVS?

Achim Spangler Achim.Spangler at mnet-online.de
Tue Feb 17 08:06:06 UTC 2004

the current CVS version of umbrello seems to have a quite big memory problem.
It seems to be larger at the moment than before.

Some facts:
+ 2 GHZ Pentium IV
+ 512 MB RAM
+ 1036 MB SWAP ( total )
+ 1408 KB XMI file ( on disc )
+ top tells me:
  - 1020(!!) MB virtual memory for umbrello
  - 120 MB resident ( non swapped memory ) size
  - 68 MB shared memory size

+ a lot of and very long swapping during load of
    project ( several minutes )
+ kernel reaches out-of-memory state, if other apps
   ( konquerer, kmail, kdevelop ) are running
   -> kernel kills umbrello during load

+ as soon as obviously unneeded data is swapped
   away after load, I can restart other apps
   ( kmail, kdevelop, konqueror )
   without problems
   ( obviously some memory is released after load )
+ smooth work ( including movement of
    elements in diagrams ) is possible

+ swap memory is not significant increased during work
   -> undo-memory seems to be NOT the source of problem
+ code generation is "de-activated" by selection of 
    language ADA -> no C++/JAVA code-generation part in XMI file
+ while project save during work is quite fast,
    the total close of the project or normal termination of
    umbrello isn't possible!
   --> I have to kill umbrello after my last save action

Please tell me, if you need some more information.
But I can't provide the project file itself.

Other non important note:
+ change of operation signature is again possible
+ but false warn message is still activated with following
    german text: 
   "Der von Ihnen gewählte Name wird bereits benutzt
    Der Name wurde zurückgesetzt"
+ the change of the operation IS stored correct, after I click
    the error-message away


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