[Uml-devel] request for enlightment

Andrew Sutton asutton at cs.kent.edu
Tue Feb 17 04:03:05 UTC 2004

On Monday 16 February 2004 07:16 am, BARTKO, Zoltan wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I am trying to figure out how to convert SQL (e.g. the PostgreSQL flavor)
> into UML. I have come to a few ideas, so the work is being done.
> I have some big problems, however:
> SQL has more properties of attributes than UML. With UML (referring to the
> state of Umbrello 1.2 and current cvs)

unfortunately, uml isn't designed explicitly for sql... that's what the common 
wharehousing model (cwm) is for. without severely hacking umbrello, the best 
you could probably hope for is to use stereotypes to indicate <<primary_key>> 
or <<foreign_key>>. the other thing to point out is that uml is used to 
capture "design level" semantics. a lot of the attributes you're talking 
about are a little lower level. a good paralell would be the inability of uml 
to capture pointer or reference semantics for c++.

andrew sutton
asutton at cs.kent.edu

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