[Uml-devel] omf future

Andrew Sutton asutton at cs.kent.edu
Tue Feb 10 18:02:03 UTC 2004

hey all,

just a quick announcement of a couple things... my school work has picked up 
so i won't be working nearly so hard on the omf. however, aside from a couple 
key features (like deep copying objects - which is actually a big fix) and 
some metamodel customization issues, it's ready for real users.

i was wondering what ever became of the discussion for the umbrello 1.3 talk. 
i don't think anything's happened, but anybody willing to keep the talk 
alive, let me know. i probably won't have the time for any serious 
development (like the 10 hrs a day i was putting in before), but i can still 
answer questions and fix the omf. by the way... if you decide to use the omf, 
i could probably import it into the umbrello cvs repository or something like 


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