[Uml-devel] What the hell are uni-associations?

Brian Thomas thomas at mail630.gsfc.nasa.gov
Wed Feb 4 12:53:15 UTC 2004

	Hi all,

	I'm trying to bug fix the association/code generation aspects of umbrello
	and I realized that I had no real definition of what these things are
	(uni-associations). The best information I can find at www.omg.org
	is from the section on OCL in the UML 2.0 spec, but thats ahead of
	where we are, no?

	It would appear to me (using old UML 1.4 spec, granted) that these things are
	a type of association invented for Umbrello (only), and are meant to imply
	aggregations, wherein one end of the association is "navigable" (e.g. 
	has an arrow pointing to the classifier). The role name is taken from the
	class to which it points, and the multiplicity, is "1".

	Is this a fair interpretation, or am I far wrong?

	So, can someone fill me in on the exact definition of the "at_Association"
	(yes, who ever you are out there that added it), and "navigability" of the
	association end (if it means anything at all, other than a display feature).

	Thanks in advance,



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