[Uml-devel] [Bug 56184] Umbrello XMI file format doesn't conform with uml13.dtd

Marcus Alanen maalanen at abo.fi
Thu Dec 23 05:10:08 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From maalanen abo fi  2004-12-23 14:09 -------

Currently, AssociationEnds sometimes have and sometimes don't
the isNavigable and aggregation attributes. They are both mandatory.

e.g. I get

      <UML:AssociationEnd ... aggregation="none" type="146" name="" />
      <UML:AssociationEnd ... type="145" name="" />

as well as

      <UML:AssociationEnd ... aggregation="none" type="145" name="" />
      <UML:AssociationEnd ... isNavigable="true" type="147" name="" />


Adding containment between a Class and another Class makes it
use the "feature" property, which is incorrect (very much so, since
feature ought to contain Feature-types, not Classes). It should use
"ownedElement" instead. I.e.

    <UML:Class ... name="new_class" >
      <UML:Class name="new_class_1" />

becomes s/feature/ownedElement.


Dependency mustn't have isLeaf, isRoot, isAbstract.


Generalization mustn't have isLeaf, isRoot, isAbstract.

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