[Uml-devel] [Bug 56184] Umbrello XMI file format doesn't conform with uml13.dtd

Oliver Kellogg okellogg at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Dec 19 11:55:01 UTC 2004

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>From Marcus Alanen (developer of Coral, http://sourceforge.net/projects/coral)

What is XMI.exporterEncoding ?? XMI 1.2 does not have it.

The timestamp is missing. I suggest using RFC822-conformant dates.
See man strftime, and use "%a,  %d  %b  %Y  %H:%M:%S  %z" or take the 
code from Coral.

XMI.model requires xmi.version. (or leave the whole XMI.model out, it's 
not required)

UML 1.3 namespace is "http://schema.omg.org/spec/UML/1.3", or is the
"omg.org/UML/1.3" some compatibility namespace? Poseidon uses an unofficial
namespace as well for UML 1.4 + Diagrams. Not important...

Packages (and thus also UML:Model) lacks
- isAbstract="false"
- isLeaf="false"
- isRoot="false"
- isSpecification="false">

Classes lack:
- isAbstract="false"
- isLeaf="false"
- isRoot="false"
- isSpecification="false">

Generalization lacks:
- name = ""
- discriminator = ""
- isSpecification = "false"
Additionally, each subClass needs a
      <UML:Generalization xmi.idref="e5" />
where "e5" here means the id of the Generalization.
There ought to be a similar thing for superclasses,
      <UML:Generalization xmi.idref="e5" />
but some tools skip this...

Actors lack:
- isAbstract="false"
- isRoot="false"
- isSpecification="false"
- isLeaf="false"


Dependency is completely missing!

<UML:Dependency> is now implemented.
Further adjustments will follow shortly.

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