[Uml-devel] Network driver question

Akash Ram krisp_9 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 17 18:36:04 UTC 2004


I am a newbie to UML.  I am writing a module (a 
network device driver) to the UML kernel and want to
access the files on the host so as to start a Verilog
simulation on the host.  I guess this should be 
possible as technically, the UML kernel is just a
user-level process on the host.  Is there a way to do
it from the UML kernel module?

I am thinking of creating a char/block device that'll
help communication between the UML kernel and a UML
user process.  This user process will mount the
filesystem from the host using 'hostfs' and send the
needed data to the kernel thru' the char/block 
device.  Is there a better way to do than this?  I 
want to avoid the overhead of the upcalls from the UML
kernel to the UML process if the kernel can directly
access the host filesystem somehow.

Thanks in advance,

krisp_9 at no spam dot yahoo dot com

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