[Uml-devel] Bugs in Umbrello 1.2.1

tagrawal at hss.hns.com tagrawal at hss.hns.com
Tue Apr 27 02:50:44 UTC 2004


Following is the list of problem found in initial investigation of Umbrello
1.2.1 shipped with KDE 3.2.1.

   In generated code, it includes arbitrary header files like "string",
   "int.h" etc.

   Relationship shown between the classes in class diagram depends on the
   sequence of drag and drop.
   If there are 2 classes A and B, and class B extends class A. These 2
   classes are than imported in Umbrello, than:
   If Class B is dropped in the class diagram before class A, than in the
   class diagram it is shown that Class A extends Class B ?????

   if we do reverse engineering of a class multiple times, then it appends
   the same attributes that many times.

   In forward engineering it generates the get, set methods of member
   variables and these methods are present as private member functions.
   Code Generation is not done properly when option of "Owerwite" is
   selected. The already existing header and CPP files are not touched.
   Another header file is generated without the extension.

   In umbrello we have a seperate Datatype section. If we add a member
   variable in a class whose datatype is some other class, then it adds
   name in Datatypes section and if we try to add class with same name, it
   doesn't allow it. It is not allows even if we delete that datatype from
   Datatypes section.

   It always generates the file names in small cases (in case of CPP) .
   This may create problems if we have a makefile with names in upper case.

   Allows all possible relationship among two classes i.e. it allows
   uni-directional, simple association between classes at same time.

Any idea if the above mentioned problems have been resolved ?

If not, than the if someone can point to the relevant piece of code it will
be great.


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