[Uml-devel] Installation on RedHat 8

gvanderbee at free.fr gvanderbee at free.fr
Tue Apr 20 07:38:06 UTC 2004

Hi Sebastian, hi all

You were right. I forgot to run Makefile.cvs ...
So, now I've got umbrello-1.2.1 running under RedHat9, and umbrello1.1.1 but
with bugs !!

About 1.2.1, sure I missed something because this is the tool's icons which are
missing. The icon on the right hand !! It's a too big problem to be du to the
archive instead of me !!
I didn't find any option about resources location. Is there something to setup ?

About 1.1.1 ... I have to forget about it due to old bugs already fixed. I have
to get a recent one compliant with a RedHat8 distrib ....


> Have you done make -f Makefile.cvs after changing the file? At least the
> configure script should work even if it doesn't compile at all.

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