[Uml-devel] Diagram -> Umbrello::Diagram

Raymond Bosman bosman at hetnet.nl
Thu Apr 15 15:06:11 UTC 2004


My compiler doesn't agree with the current source in the CVS :-).

But changing line 380 from umllistview.cpp 

void UMLListView::diagramCreated(Diagram* /* d */) {

void UMLListView::diagramCreated(Umbrello::Diagram* /* d */) {

makes a world of difference. 

For those who care, the gcc error message:

umllistview.cpp:380: error: use of `Diagram' is ambiguous
umllistview.h:31: error:   first declared as `struct Umbrello::Diagram' here
optionstate.h:33: error:   also declared as `enum Settings::Diagram' here



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