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Jean Vittor jean.vittor at wanadoo.fr
Sat Apr 10 02:42:13 UTC 2004

Sebastian Stein a écrit:

>Jean Vittor <jean.vittor at wanadoo.fr> [040409 22:38]:
>>>As the message says, have you installed kdelibs? And qt? There are some
>>>packages for you, I think. Also, take a look at kde.org, there you will 
>>>Mandrake packages for kde 3.2. Umbrello is shipped in the kdesdk package.
>>$ rpm -qa | grep kdesdk
>>As you can see, I have successfully installed the kdesdk-umbrello rpm. 
>>So, I hope all required libs are installed (umbrello seems to work 
>>What I can't do is to install umbrello from CVS.
>Yes, I understand your problem. The error message during configure seems to
>say, that you don't have uic installed. Try:
>bash-2.05b$ uic -version
>User Interface Compiler for Qt version 3.3.1
>Do you get the same? You need uic, it is shipped with Qt I think.
$ uic -version
User Interface Compiler for Qt version 3.3.

>Maybe your
>distribution has 2 different packages for Qt, one with just the precompiled
>libs and one as devel package with the uic and moc compiler. Are you able to
>compile other Qt/KDE based applications? Maybe try another application from
>KDE CVS, for example KBugBuster, it isn't that big.
OK, but I need to successfully run the script configure in kdesdk to 
compile kbugbuster (same script that for umbrello).

>If this doesn't work as
>well, it is a problem with your configuration. If it works, we may have a
>problem with automake.

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