[Uml-devel] Can I get involved?

Sebastian Stein seb_stein at gmx.de
Sat Nov 15 10:32:59 UTC 2003

Gabriel Topor <info at gabrieltopor.de> [031115 18:53]:
> I have some programming experience in C++ and Java, some UML knowledge and 
> German mother tongue.
> I would like to contribute to Umbrella, how can I start with this, what are 
> the areas where you could need some help?

 1. subscribe to uml-devel
 2. get and compile latest CVS code
3a. take a look at the bug database (bugs.kde.org) and try to fix some
3b. implement a cool feature you would like to see in Umbrello
3c. extend Umbrello's handbook


Umbrello UML Modeller
Description     : UML diagram drawing tool for KDE with code generation
Homepage        : http://www.umbrello.org/
Bug Reports     : http://bugs.kde.org/
CVS             : kdesdk/umbrello on cvs.kde.org:/home/kde

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