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Subject: Fwd: ANNOUNCE: another shift in 3.2 schedule
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Subject: ANNOUNCE: another shift in 3.2 schedule
Date: Donnerstag, 13. November 2003 10:46
From: Stephan Kulow <coolo at kde.org>
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Several points led to the conclusion that we can't keep
the current schedule. I'd say "608 bugs opened in the
last 7 days" is 'nough said, but there are other points
too - one beeing that figured for myself that you can't
have a happy life when working for 16 hours a day over
two months.

So I'll tag a beta2 on 29th-30th and hope that most
regressions are fixed till then. As I will stick to my vacation
plans for december, I'd move the first release candidate
towards 4th week '04.

The review rules I posted in the "deeper freeze" thread
still apply till beta2 is _released_, after that I don't think
it makes too much sense as many are on christmas vacation
and reviewing won't happen that much. So I'd suggest to
suspend the deep freeze between week 50 and 02 (still
hoping for a white christmas in nothern germany :) and then
start with the real deep freeze towards 3.2.0 at end in januray.

Please be still very conservative what you fix and what you
leave in the bug database. Otherwise we'll never release.

And try to make beta2 as good as possible...

Thanks, Stephan
P.S. I'll update developer.kde.org this afternoon when
noone objected till then.

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