[Uml-devel] Recent Association patch.

Oliver Kellogg Oliver.Kellogg at t-online.de
Wed Nov 12 22:14:03 UTC 2003

Hi Brian,

In associationwidget.cpp:1.68, Brian Thomas writes:

+ IF we are cut n pasting, why are we handling this association as a pointer?

If the cut operation physically removes not only the
AssociationWidget but also the UMLAssociation, then the
paste operation fails because it relies on the UMLAssociation
still being available. The problem here is we would need paste
buffers for _two_ objects.

+ We should be using the XMI representation for a cut and paste. This
+ allows us to be clean here, AND a choice of recreating the object 
+ w/ same id IF its a "cut", or a new object if its a "copy" operation
+ (in which case we wouldnt be here, in cleanup()).
+ At any rate, currently you cant cut n paste associations anyways. 

What do you mean? I use cut&paste of associations all the time!

Brian, I would suggest that before you make this kind of change,
how about posting your diffs to uml-devel for discussion.

Along these lines, how do you get the problem of the duplicate
UMLAssociations? I haven't seen these here - but I guess I'm
just using umbrello differently than you are. (For one, I've
not been using the code generation in a while.)
So in this case I think it would be good to make a bugs.kde.org entry.

As for your current modifications, I will try to look at them
over the weekend.



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