[Uml-devel] kdesdk/umbrello/umbrello

Brian Thomas thomas at mail630.gsfc.nasa.gov
Wed Nov 12 12:22:06 UTC 2003

CVS commit by thomas: 

bug fix: Association widgets not deleting their child UMLassociations after the last parent goes away. As a result of this, we had dangling UMLAssociations. Also, relaizations (at_Realization type associations) not being created properly, thus code generators werent picking up and creating this. These problems solved by making UMLAssociation have a counter of number of parent association widgets, and being deleted after the last parent goes away. Also made assocwidget->cleanup a private method.. its bad form to have to call something like this when its merely a detail of the destructor. Now associationwidget cleanup() only called from it destructor. Similarly removeAssoc in umlview made private.

  M +6 -1      association.cpp   1.26
  M +4 -0      association.h   1.17
  M +48 -3     associationwidget.cpp   1.68
  M +10 -6     associationwidget.h   1.28
  M +8 -0      codegenerator.cpp   1.33
  M +9 -3      umldoc.cpp   1.101
  M +5 -4      umlview.cpp   1.114
  M +4 -5      clipboard/umldrag.cpp   1.19

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