[Uml-devel] Ruby code generation

Sebastian Stein seb_stein at gmx.de
Mon Nov 10 04:29:02 UTC 2003

Dmitry V. Sabanin <sdmitry at lrn.ru> [031110 13:22]:
> I want to contribute ruby code generation support to Umbrello.


> I need to know will it be included in official version and maybe hear some 

Yes, of course. But not in the upcoming 1.2 release in some weeks.

> comments about what's the best place to start or recommendation about coding 
> style maybe.

Get the current development version from CVS. You should try to use the cpp
and java generators as an example, because they are very advanced. If you
finished, you should send a patch to the list, so that we can include it.

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