[Uml-devel] [Bug 67058] Alignment of elements in a group

Eugine V.Kosenko eugine_kosenko at ukr.net
Wed Nov 5 12:29:56 UTC 2003

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Subject: Re:  Alignment of elements in a group

> I think we are talking about different things. I like to have the following
> (letters are objects, numbers are just line numbers):

This is the same what I meant! What is misconception?

> > I also recommend to explore Tgif (http://bourbon.usc.edu:8001/tgif). This
> > is the most powerful graphics tool I ever used. The only problem with it
> > is the impossibility to make complex resizable groups of widgets, which
> > may be considered as new macrowidgets. I tried to adapt tgif for UML
> > widgets, but this problem stopped me.
> Ok, I draw 3 circles and select them. What should I now click to see the
> behaviour you want?

Do you talk about Tgif? There are two ways to do this. First, more simple way 
(and I think it is enough) is to select all three circles, choose the verical 
and horizontal alignment (either via menu items 'Arrange->Vertical Align', 
'Arrange->Horizontal Align' or toolbar) and then choose menu item 
'Arrange->Align Objects' (or press Ctrl-I). Another way is to select the 
circles, and choose the menu item 'Arrange->Align Objects Direct' and then 
select the necessary alignment from the two-dimensional menu matrix.

These are too complex methods, but they give big flexibility and minimize the 
count of necessary menu items. I do not require the exact behavior (it is 
enough to make six menu items in two groups) but it may be attractive 

By the way! There is the submenu 'Arrange->More Object Alignments', where all 
six simple alignments are encountered and even bound to shortcuts!

Apart from this, I suggest to see the similar features, 'Arrange->Size 
Objects' and 'Arrange->Abut', which also may be useful.

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