[Uml-devel] [Bug 67058] Alignment of elements in a group

Eugine V.Kosenko eugine_kosenko at ukr.net
Tue Nov 4 11:59:06 UTC 2003

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Subject: Re:  Alignment of elements in a group

> The only thing we have to make clear is which position we use to align the
> elements. In your example above you need a y-value to align all widgets
> with their top y-value. Which one do you choose? The most toppest y-value,
> the median of all y-values of all selected widgets or the lowest y-value?

The proper way is to make six menu items united in two groups:

Vertical alignment
	Align top
	Align middle
	Align bottom

Horizontal alignment
	Align left
	Align middle
	Align right

As for me the most important items are vertical top and horisontal middle. I 
used to use the latter to align the main thread (as well as alternative 
threads) on activity diagrams.

I also recommend to explore Tgif (http://bourbon.usc.edu:8001/tgif). This is 
the most powerful graphics tool I ever used. The only problem with it is the 
impossibility to make complex resizable groups of widgets, which may be 
considered as new macrowidgets. I tried to adapt tgif for UML widgets, but 
this problem stopped me.

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