[Uml-devel] [Bug 67006] Multiline labels make drawings more compact

Eugine V.Kosenko eugine_kosenko at ukr.net
Sun Nov 2 08:21:13 UTC 2003

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Subject: Re:  Multiline labels make drawings more compact

> Are you talking about just the "Line of Text" widgets or other widgets as
> well?

It's attractable for almost any widget

> Multiline on Line of Text would make sence, I think it would look more
> confusing for other widgets.

I have been actively use this feature in MS Visio at my work. I do not 
confuse, when I may write the name of a class, activity, use case or control 
flow path.

I think you'll see, I use UML not for the programming but for the business 
(object domain) modeling. This area is much more informal, and requires 
natural language labels to be clear for the people, who are not programmers. 
For example, I may define a class with a name 'Informal Registered Document 
(strong blank)' to denote the according conception. Other examples, just from 
my last project:

- activity step: 'User enters login and password'
- condition: 'User have confirmed the entered data'
- use case: 'Printing of informal registered documents'

For the same reason I like to use different informal icons on the diagrams. 
For example, I use actor icon (simplified human figure) to note user actions, 
data icon (short cylinder) to note server actions, computer icon to note 
client program actions etc. Is it possible to include the feature in 

Unfortunately, MS Visio is also inconsistent for this issue. It allows direct 
editing of the labels almost everywhere except use cases. However, when you 
would see properties of a widget, you will see empty squares inside of the 
single-line label. These squares denote 'carriage return' characters. You may 
copy any square character and paste it in any place. In such hacking way you 
may make a multiline label in any place. I tried to go in the same way for 
umbrello: insert 'new line' escape ('\n') in labels, but it is shown merely 
as \n, not as a new line.

Thank you for the personal attention. May I subscribe more notes to you via 
e-mail? My Internet connection is a little expensive for me to use official 
bug tracking system

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