[Uml-devel] kdesdk/umbrello/umbrello/dialogs

Luis De la Parra Blum lparrab at gmx.net
Mon Mar 31 14:51:06 UTC 2003

CVS commit by luis: 

Added more dialog pages and their ui-base files.
not all functionality implemented

  A            attributepropertiesbase.ui   1.1
  A            classdisplayoptionsbase.ui   1.1
  A            classdisplayoptionspage.cpp   1.1
  A            classdisplayoptionspage.h   1.1
  A            operationpropertiesbase.ui   1.1
  A            operationpropertiespage.cpp   1.1
  A            operationpropertiespage.h   1.1
  A            widgetcolorsbase.ui   1.1
  A            widgetcolorspage.cpp   1.1
  A            widgetcolorspage.h   1.1

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