[Uml-devel] kdesdk/umbrello/umbrello/codegenerators

Brian Thomas thomas at mail630.gsfc.nasa.gov
Tue Mar 25 11:50:19 UTC 2003

CVS commit by thomas: 

Added this class to the project as a means for code generators to 
reuse common code that will summarize important aspects of classifiers, tasks
such as finding all the owned classfiers in association with the current
classifier, whether or not its an interface or class, and any static attributes,
etc are in this class. More methods should be added as utility is recognized.
Because this is forseen to only be used by code generators, I have placed it
along side of them in the codegenerators sub-directory..appropriate?

  A            classifierinfo.cpp   1.1
  A            classifierinfo.h   1.1

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