[Uml-devel] u2 update

Jens Krüger jkrueger1 at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Mar 24 06:38:06 UTC 2003

Hi Andy,

I'm a little bit surprised about the features of u2 you are using. I'm missing a lot of the 
features you described in your mails. Could you have a look at your code and compare it
against the CVS? It seems there are some informations or files missing.
Am Montag, 24. März 2003 14:43 schrieb Andrew Sutton:
> amazingly, u2 actually does something.
> i didn't really know what else to work on yesterday, so i wrote the code
> that i suggested - a nice plugin that throws up a window (alright... a
> dialog) that has the contents of a metamodel. actually, it's pretty nice.
> no matter how many metamodels eventually get plugged into the system, this
> should never have to be rewritten. it also adds to the menu. you can find

I cannot find this. My only menu entries are:
	- New 
	- Open
	- Open Recent
	- Save (disabled)
	- Save As (disabled)
	- Print (disabled)
	- New Window
	- Close
	- Cut (disabled)
	- Copy (disabled)
	- Paste (disabled)
	- Show Toolbar
	- Show Statusbar
	- Umbrello2 Handbook
	- What's this
	- Report bug
	- About Umbrello2
	- About KDE

With this menu entries I could not find the entry view. I look in some code fragments but I never saw
a possibility to enter this point. 

> it by going to "View | Metamodel" and then selecting one of the libraries.

I would like to help you to create a useful UI but I think you should make a first proposal,
because you are the most involved people at this time.

> this has kind of gotten me interested in working out some of the gui
> details and core management systems for the ui - like view management and
> stuff. this requires some thought... so if anybody has some ideas, i'd love
> to hear them. now's the time because this is my first Qt application and
> i'm going to mess it up sooner or later :)
> on a side note (and probably not very important) - i've decided how to
> implement reflective object access (via the refMetaObject). it's really
> quite simple. during parsing, we just go to the metamodel of the file being
> parsed and request a reference to the object that matches the XML tag name.
> of course, for recursively defined metamodels (of which i know only one),
> we it gets much harder. not really. we postpone metaobject resolution until
> the end of the parsing. then we just recurse thru the tree and set
> everything. oh and of course, we'll need to have some kind of metamodel
> loading flag that indicates we should remember non-abstract classes (since
> these will provide the lookup basis for meta objects). see... easy :)
> andy


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