[Uml-devel] u2 uml plugin working

Andrew Sutton ansutton at kent.edu
Sat Mar 22 12:31:17 UTC 2003

i just committed all the code required to dynamically load the uml metamodel 
and have it parse itself. what does that mean for umbrello2? basically it 
means that the we have the ability to use all the objects in UML - we just 
have to write the code to actually use it.

if you add this to your umbrello2rc file:

[Startup Actions]

the umbrello2 app will startup, parse its spec file (assuming you've actually 
done a "make install") and print all the created objects to kdDebug() with 
their MOF id's. it's not currently very interesting, but at least it works. 
anyways, with these objects created i can actually start tying together the 
metaobject information so we can do the following:

RefObject *model_class = uml_class->refMetaObject();

and get the actual specification of the umll object. i'm just not sure exactly 
how to implement this yet - but the groundwork is there.

but, because the UML plugin is ready to go, we can start talking about its 
usage in the application. in otherwords, u2 is almost ready to become a real 

there's still some errata. for example, i've noticed that exceptions created 
during the parsing of model-1.4.xmi don't have names. i can't explain why 
because no error messages are printed. curiously, all the UML objects seem to 
have the right names (or at least have names), but then UML doesn't define 
anything behavioral (operations and exceptions). go figure.

its getting there...


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