[Uml-devel] u2 application

Andrew Sutton ansutton at kent.edu
Thu Mar 20 10:59:11 UTC 2003

On Thursday 20 March 2003 12:03 pm, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> On Thu, 20 Mar 2003, Andrew Sutton wrote:
> > just for anybody who is actually trying to build and run u2...
> I've put this on the web site.

cool. you might want to change that to very unstable and completely 
non-functional :)

i just checked in more code to do more parsing. it breaks the build though - 
well, the build should be okay, but it causes the program to crash. i still 
haven't tracked down that particular bug yet. i can't quite figure it out. 
that's later today. there's also a problem where some of the refGetValue 
methods are failing to find the requested features. i can't explain this yet, 
but it may have something to do with... hell i just don't know.

but, it's looking better and better...

todo list:
	- finish xmi parser,
	- write model class (to be contained by metamodels and the main app document)
	- write uml back into the build
	- write the uml metamodel plugin such that it loads itself as well
	- start working on the GUI interfaces (like menu access and stuff)

by that time, umbrello2 should be ready to start getting real GUI work. on a 
side note, i'd like u2 to have several different view possibilities. i'd like 
to implement tabbed views (like in konq 3.1) and also multiple top level 
windows - it would actually work alot like a browser - neat.


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