[Uml-devel] u2 build

Andrew Sutton ansutton at kent.edu
Thu Mar 20 06:23:09 UTC 2003

okay... i should have fixed all the compile errors. the ones that jens 
mentioned were the result of working on this for a long time in an 
uncomfortable chair :) although, oddly i get more compiler errors at home 
then he did. hmm...

just a status update i guess... i've temporarily taken the uml metamodel out 
of the build. it stopped making sense to keep rebuilding it when i wasn't 
even touching it - and it takes for freakin' ever.

as for MOF and XMI, both are built as plugins. MOF depends on XMI because the 
metamodel parses itself on startup. UML will do the same thing. we combine 
code and data for the metamodels so we can actually create connections 
between an object and its metaobject. besides, it tests the XMI parser well 
before we even get to UML diagrams :)

something i'm proud of - the XMI parser supports on-demand metamodel loading. 
when we find this tag: <XMI.metamodel name="foo" version="1.0"/>, the XMI 
parser converts that into an umbrello module name and tries to load it.

that's that. on the docket today, association parsing, recursion and 
construction of the Umbrello::Model class (a fat container of objects).


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