[Uml-devel] [CVS] update: Update of /cvsroot/uml/umbrello2/plugins/metamodel/model-1.4/model

Andrew Sutton donnie_darko at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Mar 18 10:55:24 UTC 2003

In directory sc8-pr-cvs1:/tmp/cvs-serv19543/plugins/metamodel/model-1.4/model

Modified Files:
Log Message:
Committing the following changes:
- .
	- updated the TODO file
- libumbrello2
	- added refobject.cpp to Makefile.in (apparently it wasn't being
	- added pure virtual refAdd, refModify, refRemove Value methods
	  to RefFeatured
	- implemented those methods for RefClass (throws NotImplemented
	  by default. We don't really need to implement these
	- changed the plugin loading protocol to use KConfigBase methods.
	- fixed unloading bug in PluginLoader. i was using the instanceName
	  of a plugin in slotDestroyed - the instance name was gone. now
	  we just iterate the plugin map to remove the object
	- created a new macro: UMBRELLO_EXPORT_PLUGIN_FACTORY to replace
	  K_EXPORT_COMPONENT_FACTORY. this allocates the factory with
	  the libname
- umbrello2
	- changed KApplication to Umbrello::Application
	- [not a change] tested plugin loading capabilities with
	  libu2_model. it works! unloading too - including the
	  loading and of plugin rc files. note for this to work,
	  the [Load Actions] in libu2_*rc must be non-empty
- model-1.4
	- changed all libnames to exclude the version. there's an
	  incompatability problem with nameing if the versions are
	  included. this has to do with the factory creation. this
	  change affects all Makefile.am files in model-1.4
	- added KInstance config code to Model::Plugin constructor

these should enable a fully functional build of the umbrello2 application
although it still doesn't do anything.

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