[Uml-devel] I'd like to hack on cppcodegenerator

Brian Thomas thomas at mail630.gsfc.nasa.gov
Fri Mar 14 09:47:14 UTC 2003

	Hi all,

	I'd like to try "eating my own dogfood" (who the hell came up with that
	expression?!?) and use umbrello to help generate the code for the 
	template-driven code generation proposal I put out. To do so, I would 
	of course use the cppcodewriter, but its a bit primative for my needs.

	Does anyone mind if I do the following things to it?

	- autogeneration of accessor methods.
	- set up sensible defaults for "string" and "vector" attributes (I'll set 
	    them to "QString" and "QPtrList", but the code should be such that
	    you can easily change it to something else)
	- proper consideration of roles from aggregate/composition/self 
	        associations (and auto generation of these accessor methods 
	- fix bugs in generalization (inheritance)

	Im also sending this out to be sure Im not  colliding with anyone else 
	who might be working on this.


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