[Uml-devel] Patch to create UMLClass class from UMLConcept and etc. (fwd)

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Wed Mar 12 17:18:08 UTC 2003

Attachments were too large for list.  They've been committed to CVS now.
UMLConcept changed to UMLClassifier

Many thanks Brian, hope you caught your beer.

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	Hi, back again.

	I've put together a patch, as I previously mentioned, to change the inheritance of
	the UMLConcept and UMLInterface classes AND to create a proper UMLClass class.

	The classes relate to one another as previously mentioned, ie.:

               |                              |
 UMLClass                   UMLInterface

	UMLConcept is now an abstract class. By making this change, we now have the ability
	to pass BOTH UMLClasses and UMLInterfaces to the codegeneration code. Previously,
 	there was no such thing as a UMLClass, all UML classes where known as "UMLConcepts"
	and that was the only thing being passed to the code generators. (I hope that para is clear ..
  	wording does seem awkward...)

	This seemingly simple change propagates heavily throughout the codebase. I have tried to
	be carefull in changing the code to meet the new standard, and have tested it out with a variety
	of class diagrams, but Im sure that regardless of my care and effort some bugs will probably
	arise from such a big patch so please be on the lookout.

	As before, CVS wont let you do a proper "-urN" (you cant create new files) so I am attaching
	the new "class", "classwidget" and "classwidgetdata" classes along with the patch for the
	existing files. The patch is good against the CVS (KDE) archive as of 5 pm EDT. Please be
	aware that the old conceptwidget classes _should be removed_ from CVS. Affected files are:


	Thats all for now. Off to catch a beer!!



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