[Uml-devel] oops

Andrew Sutton ansutton at kent.edu
Wed Mar 12 08:19:10 UTC 2003

yeah... sorry about that update flood.

there was a particularly nasty build problem that i couldn't quite work 
around. because gcc searches -I includes before system includes, the file 
signal.h was causing some problems. it turns out that pthread.h including 
uml/commonbehavior/signal.h doesn't define some necessary structures for 
pthread. it also makes quite a nasty little include circle.

as a solution, i've renamed all the files to <package>_<name>. so all UML 
files end up uml_modelelement.h and uml_modelelement.cpp. i also modified 
mmgen a) to be an actual command line tool and b) to take care of the names. 
the program is even less pretty now.


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