[Uml-devel] spam spam spam

Andrew Sutton ansutton at kent.edu
Fri Mar 7 11:08:28 UTC 2003

oops. that's a lot of updates.

if anybody is interested, that was me adding autoconf support to the umbrello2 
project and adding a couple of metamodel implementations to the cvs tree. it 
should configure and build correctly - i hope. there may be an issue with 
exception handling.

instructions (as if anybody needs them)

cvs co umbrello2
cd umbrello2
make -f Makefile.cvs

it builds on my system - takes about an hour, and there's lots of unused 
parameter warnings - but it builds.

i haven't configured anything to do with installations. don't do a make 
install. i also have to revisit how the metamodels are built. apparently my 
novel technique of composing a shared library of static libs is 
"non-portable" according to libtool. alas.

i'm going to start work on some design documentation. maybe next week i'll get 
into the plugin management subsystem.


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