[Uml-devel] XMLschemawriter and patch for generalizations

Brian Thomas thomas at mail630.gsfc.nasa.gov
Thu Mar 6 13:43:10 UTC 2003

	Hi all,

	I have need of an XML schema (code) generator, so I wrote one which I am
	attaching. Whilst doing this, I noticed that generalization (assoications) where
	only being connected to the B-side UMLconcepts (e.g. the sub-classes only).
	For the XMLschemawriter I have need of finding out what the superclasses are 
	too, and I cant think of a reason why you shouldnt have this information linked in
	the generalization associations, so I made a patch to fix that. I have also added (in the patch)
	two utility methods in UMLConcept, findSuperClassConcepts and findSubClassConcepts
	which may be called on any UMLConcept to find what it is related to.

	I have checked the other code generators to see if my hacking on the generalization
	code has harmed them, and it hasnt, except for the javawriter.. which I have now fixed.

	I would have included the new XMLschemawriter files within the patch, but the cvs diff
	facility resists my attempts to use the "--new-file" flag (e.g. it just ignores it and goes on
	complaining that XMLschemawriter.cpp and XMLschemawriter.h are unknown files. bah).
	So there are 3 attachments: a patch, and the 2 XMLschemawriter files.



	Documentation for patch:

	- adds in XMLSchemaWriter hooks to codegenerator.cpp
	- fixes dropped superclass concepts from association generalizations (in umldoc.cpp)
	- added 2 utility methods, findSuperClassConcepts and findSubClassConcepts to UMLConcept (in concept.h/.cpp)


  * Dr. Brian Thomas 

  * Code 630.1 
  * Goddard Space Flight Center NASA

  *   fax: (301) 286-1771
  * phone: (301) 286-6128

I hate quotations.
		-- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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