[Uml-devel] cvs commits

Luis De la Parra Blum lparrab at gmx.net
Tue Mar 4 17:02:03 UTC 2003

ok. so I've commited some of my code because it was getting difficult to keep 
up with my and everyone else's changes.

In short: it's some experimental code that tries to clean the diagraming stuff 
(Diagram + UMLWidgets)
It is not yet usable, and may crash Umbrello if you try to use it, so I left 
the ui.rc file out of the commit - that should be enough to keep everything 
ok, and the only difference you might notice is an extra "diagrams" folder in 
the listview - if someone really wants to try it you just need to add the new 
actions to the ui.rc file, but I'd recomend you to wait a little.

I'll also have to redo some of the dialogs:
Each dialog-page observes and modifies an UMLObject.
The UMLObjects notify the doc. if/when they are modified
There will be a dialog where you can chain several pages together (like now), 
for example, when clicking "properties" on a widget representing a class, the 
widget may create pages for the UMLObject and then some for the UMLWidget so 
that thre result is like we have it today.

pls let me know if there is any problem with this,


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