[Uml-devel] diagraming stuff

Luis De la Parra Blum lparrab at gmx.net
Sun Mar 2 15:53:02 UTC 2003

On Thursday 27 February 2003 01:34, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> What are the other floating around views?

it's nothing speciall. only that the diagram views dont need to be "docked" in 
umbrello, but could also be as top-level windows (something like MDI)  - the 
only thing is that the diagrams can share a toolbar or have one of its own 
(if you dock all windows like now, it's better to have one toolbar for all, 
but if they are top-level windows it would make sense for them to have their 
own toolbar --

> > *there is now a Diagram, which replaces the UMLCanvasView.
> What's the difference between these two?

the diagram is where your widgets live. the DiagramView is a widgets which 
shows you the contents of the diagram and lets you edit it - you can have 
more than one view on one diagram - (like splitting a view in kate and 
working on the same document on both) - Umbrello has now the two (UMLView and 
UMLCanvasView) but their responsibilitiies are IMVHO not clearly 

> With Umbrello 1 you'd have to keep it in sync with the other work on
> Umbrello 1.  Also you'd have to find a volunteer (like yourself) to
> actually do it.
> Do you have a tarball of your code for us to look at?

well.. that's what I tried to do for the past week but there's been a lot of 
work on Umbrello in the past days, and I am having *very* little time (I am 
being horribly overworked for now)

anyways, I was trying to make a tarball/diff of the changes on friday while  I 
was on a train, but my laptop ran out of battery during a compilation and 
some files got corrupted. No idea why, but it seems some of the admin files 
for CVS also got corrupted because diffing my work against the current CVS 
gives very extrange results. Right now I just checked out a fresh copy of cvs 
and will try to make a diff. Since the changes made to the current code are 
still very small I hope this will not be too difficult... so I'll see what I 
can do.
One think I'd like to do though, is to commit some  very small changes, which 
dont interfere with the current code at all, but would make my keeping track 
of things easier.
is this ok?


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