[Uml-devel] JavaCodeGenerator

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Sat Mar 1 09:57:30 UTC 2003

On Sat, 1 Mar 2003, Brian Thomas wrote:

> > >       - description (comments) on association roles not carried
> > > through. This is in part a failing of the association
> > >       model in umbrello.
> >
> > But shouldn't be too hard to add should it?
> 	Agreed. I could add this when you tell me you are done hacking
> on the association class.

I'm done.

> > >        startline = "\n"+indent; // using UNIX newLine standard.. bad
> > Why is that bad, \n is the one true line ending.
> 	Heh. Yeah, I know you have tongue in cheek here, but it's still true. From what I understand, Qt
> 	(and thus Umbrello) should theoretically compile on Windoze platforms (as well as Apple) so we
> 	dont want to create just  *NIX-specific code with the tool. There _should be_ a facility within Qt to
> 	specify the correct platform end-line string (e.g. "/n" on *NIX, "/r/n" on Win and "/r" on Apple platforms),
> 	but I couldnt find it. Any Qt experts out there with this knowledge??

Umbrello is a KDE app, not a Qt one.  It is only designed to compile on

Jonathan Riddell

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