Forward: Re: [Uml-devel] compatibily umbrello 1.1.1 -> 1.2 alpha

Sebastian Stein seb_stein at
Thu Jul 24 06:34:20 UTC 2003

Jonathan Riddell <jr at> [030724 11:16]:
> I send in this email a diagram generated by umbrello 1.1.1. 
> when i try open a file in a 1.2aplha 
> i receve a messagem from gui "there sa a problema to load a file" 
> and in shell i see this error
> WARNING: Can't set content:unexpected character Line:419
> WARNING: KDE detected X Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
> \x08
>   Major opcode:  *
> I don't know what a problema.
> I you need more information. 
> Please send to a steps . .and i try again.. ok.. 
> Because i dont know how we can find a problem .. 
> I like to help to find whats wrong .. 

Well, I think it is because of the added lines in umldoc.cpp:


We added this to handle multichar strings correctly (e.g. Russian). Now
loading old files is broken. It is very interesting that Umbrello crashes if
I undo these changes and load your file. Are you really sure that you have
done the file with Umbrello 1.1?

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