[Uml-devel] u2 news

Andrew Sutton asutton at cs.kent.edu
Wed Jul 9 08:01:06 UTC 2003

i'm giving up on u2 - or at least the way i was building it. there's too much 
work for one person to manage. i was doing it pretty well, but it was just 
too slow going for the amount of time i was putting into it.

reconsidering the problem i was trying to solve, here's what i'm proposing:

what i really want to do is focus my attentions on the data side of the 
application - building the actual UML implementation such that other people 
can simply link against it and use it. like, say, umbrello 1.x. it would be a 
big change for the existing version, but it shouldn't be excruciatingly 
painful. i'd just be replacing the UMLClass stuff with, well... Uml::Class 
stuff :)

to this end, i'm working out a design that will a) significantly reduce build 
time and b) allow for some interesting extensions of the data model without 
having to recompile the whole thing (or modify the code generator). i'm 
calling it dynamic, run-time tight coupling :) i'm sure there's actually a 
name for it, but i like that one. it sounds good.

this style of architecture serves alot of good purposes. for example, it could 
be used as a drop-in replacement for kdevelop's class store - except we could 
use it to represent the entire project model.

anyways, i'll post the code every now and then.


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