[Uml-devel] [Bug 71432] Last character of public attributes not completely displayed

Sebastian Stein seb_stein at gmx.de
Mon Dec 29 08:50:01 UTC 2003

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Subject: Re: [Uml-devel]  New: Last character of public attributes not completely displayed

Robert Lemmen <robertle at semistable.com> [031229 17:38]:
> When creating a public attribute the last char is not completely
> displayed. It only happens with attributes and only when they are the
> widest string which composes the class (class name, methods, attributes).
> E.g create a class named Foo then add an attribute named
> "redundantInstance" and give it the "string" type.

I already worked on this issue some time ago. Please reopen bug #66461 and
mark this one as a duplicate. I hope someone else can look into it, because
I would say it is a qt bug, but I'm really not sure.

See also my CVS commit of 2003/11/6 with the following CVS commit message:

# fix bug #66461:
# This is a dirty fix, I know. But I can't really understand, why QFontMetrics
# &fm = getFontMetrics(UMLWidget::FT_NORMAL); returns sometimes a too small
# value (about 1 or 2 pixels). The gracy thing is, that it works some lines
# above (for attributes in classes it works, for operations it doesn't).
# Maybe someone else sees the real reason. I also removed the calculateSize()
# call before every drawing, it works without this call now. I also replaced
# some ? : with if else if else conditions. I think this makes the code more
# readable. I also added some comments.
#   M +35 -14    classwidget.cpp   1.18
#   M +3 -1      enumwidget.cpp   1.3
#   M +21 -8     interfacewidget.cpp   1.15
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=225339

Why do we have debian bug reports as well? Aren't they redundant? Why can't
debian users use our bug report system?


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