[Uml-devel] [Bug 71418] I18N done wrong on Umbrello worktoolbar

pezz at tkwcy.ee pezz at tkwcy.ee
Mon Dec 29 07:32:01 UTC 2003

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Oh, sorry about calling you Englishman then:)

It's not about someone wanting to cut your glory, it's just about sane programming. String that is merged into multiple places in menus should be short to fit in better. People get immediate understanding from menu where it's name is already Umbrello (UML Modeller). While using Kate you don't want to know every time that your text editor is ADVANCED, you already know it from menu.

If you like Kate then look at it's source:

  KAboutData aboutData ("kate", I18N_NOOP("Kate"), "2.2",
                        I18N_NOOP( "Kate - Advanced Text Editor" ), KAboutData::License_LGPL_V2,
                        I18N_NOOP( "(c) 2000-2003 The Kate Authors" ), 0, "http://kate.kde.org");


static const char *description =
    I18N_NOOP("Umbrello UML Modeller");
KAboutData aboutData( "umbrello", I18N_NOOP("Umbrello UML Modeller"),
                              UMBRELLO_VERSION, description, KAboutData::License_GPL,
                              I18N_NOOP("(c) 2001 Paul Hensgen, (c) 2002-2003 Umbrello UML

Second parameter is the one that is used in menus. See the difference? Look at any other application if you still don't believe.

In PO-file appearance of same strings are translated in on string message so when I translate this string as 'Umbrello' for my reasons we loose description also from about dialog where it fits well.

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