[Uml-devel] Branch/Merge in activity diagrams.

Jonas Lihnell gg02-jli at mail2.nti.se
Sat Dec 20 04:02:01 UTC 2003

I have found myself a bit annoyed by the inability to enter text inside the 
visible object. This is due to the fact that I almost _entirely_ use these 
branches in terms of boolean ifs. that is, I have one true and one false 
result and wants to put the if case/statement inside the visible object (in 
the scheme).  
right now I find it troublesome to have to put out my own texts from these 
branches as well, the ablility to have one branch and one merge, where when 
it's a branch the outgoing "arrows" would automatically get a name-tag or 
text description that is running alongs the line, and for merges this would 
be true for all lines running to the merge instead of out from them. 
This is just my comments and thoughts as an inexperienced user wanting to get 
to use UML for my coming projects, and I'm sending them here since I think 
you probably would want to make things more simply and self-explanatory and 
/Jonas Lihnell, gg02-jli at mail2.nti.se 

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